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North Sikkim &Green Lake Trek
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Western Sikkim trek is famous for its nature as well as its cultural diversities along the trial. The trial takes you through the beautiful land of Dzongri where you can watch Blue Sheep grazing along the hills. Starting from Sikkim the trial ends at beautiful hilltop of Darjeeling.

Day 01: Bagdogra – Gangtok (Sikkim)
Day 02: Gangtok - Martam
Day 03: Martam – Yuksom
Day 04: Yuksom – Prekchu
Day 05: Prekchu – Tsokha
Day 06: Tsokha – Dzongri
Day 07: Dzongri: (Rest and acclimatize)
Day 08: Dzongri – Thangshing
Day 09: Thangshing – Samiti Lake
Day 10: Samiti – Gochala – Thangshing
Day 11: Thangshing – Choakchrung
Day 12: Choakchrung – Tsokha
Day 13: Tsokha – Yuksom
Day 14: Yuksom – Darjeeling
Day 15: Darjeeling
Day 16: Darjeeling – Bagdogra/Delhi
North Sikkim and Green Lake Trek starts off from Gangtok, a really wonderful hill town in northern Sikkim. The main highlight of this trek is the Zemu Glacier and Green Lake (sadly a small pond now) which is around 3 hours walking from the Glacier. Green Lake is the expedition start point to most of the peaks in the regions. Day 01: Bagdogra – Gangtok (Sikkim ) Day 02: Gangtok Day 03: Gangtok – Lachen (8950 Ft) Day 04: Lachen – Jakthang (11,250 Ft) Day 05: Jakthang – Yabuk (13,250 Ft ) Day 06: Yabuk – Rimbik (16, 1950 Ft) Day 07 Exploration Of The Zemu Glacier Day 08: Return To Yabuk Day 09: Yabuk – Jakthang Day 10: Jakthang – Lachen – Gangtok Day 11: Gangtok – Darjeeling Day 12: Darjeeling Day 13: Darjeeling – Bagdogra/Delhi

Sandhakpu Trek is a very famous trek starting off from Darjeeling with amazing views of Mount Kanchenjunga and Everest to the far west side. Sandhakpu Trek takes you through the lush green tea garden to the lap of the mountains to experience a really wonderful trek.

Day 01: Kolkotta/Darjeeling – Bagdogra – Darjeeling
Day 02: Darjeeling
Day 03: Darjeeling – Maneybhanjyang – Tonglu
Day 04: Tonglu – Sandakhpu
Day 05: Sandakhpu – Phalut – Ramman
Day 06: Ramman – Rimbick - Darjeeling
Day 07: Darjeeling – Bagdogra – Calcutta/Darjeeling

Lying in between the great Himalayas and the Kunlun Mountain, Ladakh offers the trekkers with its numerous passes with exclusive sights of nature as well as culture. Ladakh, by name itself symbolizes a sear beauty and nature. Mainly, influenced by Buddhism and Islam there are really some interesting festivals to watch on. During this trek you will be travelling through some of the important parts of Ladakh and be a part of the place and its culture.

Day 1: Arrive Delhi
Day 2: Fly to Leh
Day 3: Rest Leh
Day 4 to 5: Attend Hemis Festival
Day 6: Leh to Runbak (drive approx. 1 hr, walk approx. 3 hrs)
Day 7: In Rumbak (day walks)
Day 8: Rumbak to camp below Ganda La (walk approx. 3hrs)
Day 9: Base Camp to Shogdo via Ganda La (Walk approx. 6hrs)
Day 10: Shogdo to Narding(4-5 hrs)
Day 11: Narding to Markha (3-4 hrs)
Day 12: Markha to Hankar (walk approx. 3-4 hrs)
Day 13: Hanker to the base of the Zalung La (6 hrs)
Day 14: Cross the Zalung La to Tsorka (6-7 hrs)
Day 15: Trek to Dat settlement (walk approx.5hrs)
Day 16: Tso Morari
Day 17: At Tso Morari, return to Leh
Day 18: Rest Leh
Day 19: Fly Leh to Delhi